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Truly, I am beyond grateful for my simplysitting bench- from day one it was love at first seat. My body is solidly balanced and comfortable; I find my spine stays completely straight and my shoulders and hips are perfectly aligned to enhance my meditation practice. Not to mention, it’s wonderfully crafted with such beautiful wood. I love to support gear that is handcrafted here in America.

Dina F.

The simplysitting seat just arrived today. I immediately ripped open the box and tried it out.
One word: WOW.

I am a former marathoner and amateur acrobat, with two torn knees and a bulging lower back disk to show for my years of athletic adventures. This seat is allowing me to complete my 45-minute sits with zero discomfort. (Before, I had to do laying-down meditation after 20 minutes, the pain was so intense.)

Plus, this seat is nothing short of gorgeous and elegant.

Jacquelyn B.

You provide an exquisite product with excellent service. The sweet seat is brilliantly designed, it’s as if it is a natural extension of my body firmly rooting me to the ground but not restraining in any way. If anything, due to how well balanced and unstrained I feel when I sit on the sweet seat, my body, and accordingly, my mind, feel more expansive. This is one of the finest investments a person can make if they are on the path of personal evolution. Thank you all for the great work you do.


Wow. As a longtime meditator who has used similar benches such as this, this is awesome. So comfy and breaks down flat for travel. Excellent quality!

Amazon.com review
March 3, 2018

Thank you for your beautiful meditation seats. I use mine every day and it’s great for traveling as it works well in almost any location.

Deborah T.

I have been using my sweet seat every day since I received it and I love it. It’s far superior to all the other benches I’ve tried over the years. I’ve also adorned my wall with your poem “The Choice” as an inspiration for my practice. Thank you again for making such an awesome meditation tool.

Brian M.

I just wanted to say thank you. I bought (a seat) for myself, but enough people liked it I am donating it to my Zen Center, so I needed to get one for myself again. It’s a great item that works well for people whose jobs make their spine a bit crooked. It makes sitting possible again with much less pain.

Dan K.

Bought as a gift for my wife. She loves it! She has found it comfortable and very easy to pack for travel.

Amazon.com review
August 7, 2017

I saw someone using it at a Vipassana retreat, and he recommended it. I can’t sit cross-legged anymore due to bursitis in hip joint. This bench is excellent, puts no strain on the back during meditation, keeps spine straight. Very light. It is certainly not money wasted.

Amazon.com review
November 23, 2017

Amazing! Super comfortable. Beautifully sculpted. Work of art.

Amazon.com review
February 15, 2018

Every weekday I ride my bike to work, feed the crows and sit to meditate in the shade of this tree on the grassy knoll outside my workplace. The skate seat design is compact enough to fit in my pack and I experience a pleasant sense of satisfaction and gratitude in setting it up and putting it away every day. Thanks for helping to make my life more wonderful.

Karl Styrsky

After 20 years of meditation, I recently bought a seat from simplysitting and it’s the first time in my life I’ve been truly comfortable. I have mild sciatica and my left leg would always go numb in any seated posture. I just accepted it as part of my Buddhist practice. Then I saw an ad for your seat and decided to try it. Now it’s all I use. I travel five days a week and bring it with me to the hotel. I use it in my meditation room at home, and I bring it with me to the zendo each week. Thank you!

Jason Crane

Thank you very much for sharing your labor of love with the world! Like you, I have had years of discomfort that resulted in impeded breathing, aching feet/back, slouching etc. This made my practice rather distracting and left me somewhat uninspired. So, I realize how important an ideal posture is for meditation was well. With your amazing invention, I am simply motivated to meditate with my go-to seat daily, and we know how important consistency is!


I love this meditation bench. Super comfy on my hips and knees. Allows spine to be fully straight. Feels like floating.

Amazon.com review
April 2, 2018

simplysitting has a wonderful product and I cannot thank them enough. These are great for travelers and on the go people, who may not feel comfortable sitting in lotus. I think these are happy on the knees and my feet never “go to sleep” while meditating (I don’t go more than 30 minutes). I am so grateful for these since I wanted to meditate but it had been too painful in lotus. Thanks, simplysitting!

Amazon.com review
May 30, 2018

Your simplysitting seat changed my life!

Simona Ghigo

I think your simply sitting design is brilliant for a couple of reasons. First, I have some problems with my hips that can be a painful distraction when I’m sitting on a cushion, and though I’ve tried the sitting benches, I always feel entangled and a bit claustrophobic. Second, I’m a daily mediator, but travel about half the year and I never know what type of situation I’ll have for my sitting practice. Your lovely seat is easy to pack in my luggage and simple to set up no matter where I am, either inside or out. It’s allowed me to length my practice because it encourages good posture and I’m hardly aware that I’m sitting. I’m also so glad that I ordered the carrying back pack as I can easily walk into the woods or down a beach to find the perfect spot to set up.

Deborah T.

A beautiful meditation seat — it’s aesthetically perfect and thoughtful.


I received my sweet seat in the mail today and took it for a spin just now. After my 20 minute sit, I felt compelled to email and let you know how much I love my new seat! I want to thank you for making such an awesome tool for meditation. I wish I had known about your seat sooner, but now I’m a very happy, satisfied customer.

Brian M.

I have to say, honestly, that since I invested in your bench, I have used it daily and my sits are able to get longer and longer because I don’t experience physical pain. I have an autoimmune arthritic condition that has hindered my practice for about 4 years. I found, during that time, that no position was comfortable- not a chair, not two cushions, not a couch and so my sits became an exercise in enduring physical pain. And now, that has vanished. I am able to rediscover what first drew me to meditation, with all of its own challenges and rewards, and not feel physically broken. I am so grateful to you and your company for that. There really aren’t words. Over these four years, I have tried so many things- classes, exercises, techniques, vitamins, herbs, medications, doctors and doctors and doctors – and none of them improved my condition to any speakable degree. Then I get this bench because that little voice inside my heart said: “Yes, it is expensive and it is way more than a cushion, but your practice is worth it. Try it. Be open.” And I went to a meeting on Wednesday night and sat for 1 hour and 10 minutes without pain. So, I hug my heart voice every day. And hold all of you in a place of deep, deep gratitude.

Kara Veeder

I already (have a seat), which I leave at work, but ordered another seat for at home and when I travel overseas. These are truly great, and I look forward to zazen every day now! No unbearable knee pain with your MAGICAL bench!

Dina F.

Unexpectedly centering. Brings you right to your center and holds you there. Joint and body-friendly support encourages time spent in healing quiet.

Dr. Kathleen Fernan

Sitting on my new seat, face awash with the setting sun, I was so comfortable I think I must’ve fallen asleep. Upright. A first for me. So beautifully crafted and designed, ingenious in fact. It’s definitely an incentive to keep up a regular practice.

Sandy Greenway
London, UK

I’m positively delighted with this meditation bench! It’s portable, easy to store beneath a couch, while light enough to carry along in a backpack to a remote location for a memorable sit; it works in a way that naturally provides my lower back all the support it needs to sit for extended periods of time. Good work!

Josh Korda
Founder-Dharmapunx NYC

A great tool. It’s stable and still allows for subtle movement in all directions. It’s like sitting on a cloud while staying grounded to the earth.

Prakash Wilterdink
teacher/staff at Integral Yoga Institute

This wonderful seat allows us to instantly fall into place. Its design invites us to bring our awareness to the base of the spine turning the spine into an antenna – receptive, open, expansive, fluid. The simplysitting seat has imprinted my body in such a way that now when I sit on a cushion or blanket, I am reminded to effortlessly sit upright. It’s groundbreaking. I totally dig it!

Rima Rabbath
Jivamukti yoga teacher & founder of soukofrima.com

My husband and I are singing the praises of your sweet seat. We really love them and think of you with gratitude every time we sit. Thanks for helping my practice beyond words.

Kara Veeder

I have never been able to comfortably sit on any bench for meditation, so I was shocked at how comfortable this seat is- no strained ankles or feet, and my knees have no pressure on them. Wow, what an exquisite design!

James Skylar
Vipassana meditator and entrepreneur, Blue Can and Thrive Pure Water, LA

It’s great — not only is it comfortable, but it makes it almost impossible not to sit up straight. Genius.

Joseph Miller
author/meditator NYC

The seat is amazing! It taps into a link that literally balances the physical and energetic. The spine is lifted instead of grounded and the result is astounding. This is a total game changer!

Christine Fowle
founder Udumbara Yoga, author of Searching for OM

I love it! I feel very comfy and steady on it, and love to look at this beautiful object in my living room. People are intrigued by it, so it is also a conversation piece! You did beautiful work, great design. I love the bag also, and how easy it is to carry everywhere. I wanted to express my satisfaction. Thanks for it- it serves me well.

Pascal Auclair
co-founder of True North Insight, teacher at Spirit Rock and Insight Meditation Society

My wooden seat from simplysitting is a brilliant new addition to my practice.

Elena Brower
teacher, speaker, and co-author of “Art of Attention”

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