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Happy Holidays from simplysitting! - Enjoy 10% off all our meditation seats & accessories! - take your seat...
  • My wooden seat from simplysitting is a brilliant new addition to my practice.
    ~Elena Brower, teacher, speaker, and co-author of “Art of Attention”
  • I love it! I feel very comfy and steady on it, and love to look at this beautiful object in my living room. People are intrigued by it, so it is also a conversation piece! You did beautiful work, great design. I love the bag also, and how easy it is to carry everywhere. I wanted to express my satisfaction. Thanks for it- it serves me well.
    ~Pascal Auclair, co-founder of True North Insight, teacher at Spirit Rock and Insight Meditation Society
  • The seat is amazing! It taps into a link that literally balances the physical and energetic. The spine is lifted instead of grounded and the result is astounding. This is a total game changer!
    ~Christine Fowle, founder Udumbara Yoga, author of Searching for OM
  • It's great — not only is it comfortable, but it makes it almost impossible not to sit up straight. Genius.
    ~Joseph Miller, author/meditator NYC
  • I have never been able to comfortably sit on any bench for meditation, so I was shocked at how comfortable this seat is- no strained ankles or feet, and my knees have no pressure on them. Wow, what an exquisite design!
    ~James Skylar, Vipassana meditator and entrepreneur, Blue Can and Thrive Pure Water, LA
  • My husband and I are singing the praises of your sweet seat. We really love them and think of you with gratitude every time we sit. Thanks for helping my practice beyond words.
    ~Kara Veeder
  • This wonderful seat allows us to instantly fall into place. Its design invites us to bring our awareness to the base of the spine turning the spine into an antenna - receptive, open, expansive, fluid. The simplysitting seat has imprinted my body in such a way that now when I sit on a cushion or blanket, I am reminded to effortlessly sit upright. It's groundbreaking. I totally dig it!
    ~Rima Rabbath, Jivamukti yoga teacher & founder of soukofrima.com
  • A great tool. It's stable and still allows for subtle movement in all directions. It's like sitting on a cloud while staying grounded to the earth.
    ~Prakash Wilterdink, teacher/staff at Integral Yoga Institute
  • I'm positively delighted with this meditation bench! It's portable, easy to store beneath a couch, while light enough to carry along in a backpack to a remote location for a memorable sit; it works in a way that naturally provides my lower back all the support it needs to sit for extended periods of time. Good work!
    ~Josh Korda, Founder-Dharmapunx NYC
  • Sitting on my new seat, face awash with the setting sun, I was so comfortable I think I must've fallen asleep. Upright. A first for me. So beautifully crafted and designed, ingenious in fact. It's definitely an incentive to keep up a regular practice.
    ~Sandy Greenway, London, UK
  • Unexpectedly centering. Brings you right to your center and holds you there. Joint and body-friendly support encourages time spent in healing quiet.
    ~Dr. Kathleen Fernan, DO