Kara Veeder

I have to say, honestly, that since I invested in your bench, I have used it daily and my sits are able to get longer and longer because I don’t experience physical pain. I have an autoimmune arthritic condition that has hindered my practice for about 4 years. I found, during that time, that no position was comfortable- not a chair, not two cushions, not a couch and so my sits became an exercise in enduring physical pain. And now, that has vanished. I am able to rediscover what first drew me to meditation, with all of its own challenges and rewards, and not feel physically broken. I am so grateful to you and your company for that. There really aren’t words. Over these four years, I have tried so many things- classes, exercises, techniques, vitamins, herbs, medications, doctors and doctors and doctors – and none of them improved my condition to any speakable degree. Then I get this bench because that little voice inside my heart said: “Yes, it is expensive and it is way more than a cushion, but your practice is worth it. Try it. Be open.” And I went to a meeting on Wednesday night and sat for 1 hour and 10 minutes without pain. So, I hug my heart voice every day. And hold all of you in a place of deep, deep gratitude.

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