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the simplysitting story

the firewood pile

simplysitting seats were conceived after designer, lifelong woodworker, and long time meditator Sean Hawk pressed pause on his hectic schedule to attend a 10-day silent sitting retreat. As the days and hours passed he struggled to keep from slouching and to maintain proper posture while a throbbing lower back kept him meditating mostly on the nature of suffering. He stuffed an endless array of pillows, bolsters, and cushions under painfully twisted knees and ankles while trying not to disturb the other meditators. He even tried the punishing planks that passed for benches but found no peaceful relief.

Nonetheless, he left the retreat with clarity of mind, brimming over with creative energy and determined to create a better, simpler, more comfortable and portable meditation seat than the ones that left his rear end sore and his monkey mind chattering.

He dashed to his workshop by the woods and began obsessively working the idea out of his head and into the world. He chipped away at chunks of firewood until an elegant, simple solution was revealed and he was satisfied he had found the answer he had been looking for: a sweet seat that is curved for comfort, supports you in perfect posture, allows for infinite, silent adjustment, and is so light and portable you can take it anywhere- to class, to group, or to your favorite solitary spot at home or by river, desert, mountain, or sea. His solution was so unique it was patented, and so instantly popular with meditators, that simplysitting was born!

burning monk / this machine kills egos

Our "this machine kills egos" is a slightly subversive slogan that pays homage to true original Woody Guthrie's indomitable spirit (and fascist slaying guitar) So too, our burning monk logo depicts a transcendent image of the ego on reentry. Our timely twist on these iconic words and images is no call to arms but an urgent reminder that our meditation practice can help us to see things as they truly are, soften the edges of rigid identity, feel less "less than" and less "more than" and just "right sized".

Ultimately connected.
Maybe even ONE with all creation.

You can reach us at info@simplysitting.com

We would dearly love to hear about your experience with the sweet seat.

1% for the planet

We're pleased to announce that we've partnered with 1% for the Planet supporting the Sierra Club, National Park Foundation, and Trout Unlimited!