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burning monk skate seat

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Drop Everything!
Our patented meditation seats are crafted from upcycled Canadian maple skateboard plys spared from certain dumpster destruction. They are guaranteed to support you in perfect posture. They’re curved for comfort, lightweight and they break down and reassemble in one swift magnetic motion.

All burning monk seats are branded with the burning monk logo, a transcendent depiction of the ego on reentry and can be engraved with 'this machine kills egos' along the bottom edge on the underside of the seat. Read more about this slogan and our burning monk line on our story page.
Select Your Color Family:
Note: Colors are an example. Actual color may vary.
Select Your Carry Sleeve:
Note: Seats purchased with a carry sleeve include a free guide to effortless meditation ($5.00 value)
Select Your Leg Type:
Note: Taller leg is recommended for those over 6’-2”, with extra large or muscular thighs, or those with limited range of motion due to injury or surgery. Please see FAQs for further info.
Select Your Engraving:
Note: Engravings are etched along the bottom edge on the underside of the seat. Read more about our 'this machine kills egos' slogan and our burning monk line on our story page.
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Standing Tall: 14"w x 7"d x 7"h | Weight: 1.25lbs

What people are saying...

  • This wonderful seat allows us to instantly fall into place. Its design invites us to bring our awareness to the base of the spine turning the spine into an antenna - receptive, open, expansive, fluid. The simplysitting seat has imprinted my body in such a way that now when I sit on a cushion or blanket, I am reminded to effortlessly sit upright. It's groundbreaking. I totally dig it!
    ~Rima Rabbath, Jivamukti yoga teacher & founder of soukofrima.com
  • My wooden seat from simplysitting is a brilliant new addition to my practice.
    ~Elena Brower, teacher, speaker, and co-author of “Art of Attention”
  • I love it! I feel very comfy and steady on it, and love to look at this beautiful object in my living room. People are intrigued by it, so it is also a conversation piece! You did beautiful work, great design. I love the bag also, and how easy it is to carry everywhere. I wanted to express my satisfaction. Thanks for it- it serves me well.
    ~Pascal Auclair, co-founder of True North Insight, teacher at Spirit Rock and Insight Meditation Society
  • The seat is amazing! It taps into a link that literally balances the physical and energetic. The spine is lifted instead of grounded and the result is astounding. This is a total game changer!
    ~Christine Fowle, founder Udumbara Yoga, author of Searching for OM

The simplysitting lifetime guarantee.

We believe the sweet seat to be the best meditation bench on the planet.

If you aren't absolutely thrilled with the sweet seat's handcrafted beauty, perfect stability and comfort, send it back within two weeks for a full refund. If any component ever fails during normal use, simply return to us for replacement or repair.

organically designed, actively inspired

the evolution of the meditation bench

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